‘Your Business Is Food; don’t throw it away’ materials are now live. As a reminder, these materials are designed to help us all work together to cut the resource needed to provide food and drink by one fifth in ten years.

There are six easy ways you can get your members engaged:

(Please note you will need to be registered on the WRAP Resource Library website https://partners.wrap.org.uk/accounts/signup/

to access these materials.  If you’ve not yet registered, it’s a simple, “one time only” process. After registering you will be able to freely access the materials without having to log in each time).

  1. Add your logo to our materials (see the table below for a list).
  2. Add a Your Business Is Food web page to your website with links to your newly branded materials.
  3. Find out how to run a week of action (read the Campaign Guide).
  4. Use our introductory article to kick off your communications (email us for a copy).
  5. Use our animations in your social media, emails and on your website. The first is called Your business is food, don’t throw it away which is a short introduction to the campaign; what throwing away food costs and how to stop it.  The second is an introduction to how to Track the food you throw away and save thousands of pounds a year using the Your Business is Food tools. You could share this with your audience to help to explain how to use the YBIF starter pack, tracker sheets and calculator (you will need to add a short note that these are not supported by ‘Internet Explorer’ search engine);
  6. Show your members how other people have already benefited using these four case studies Dragon Hotel https://partners.wrap.org.uk/assets/10160/ ; Crieff Hydro https://partners.wrap.org.uk/assets/10161/; Elior https://partners.wrap.org.uk/assets/10162/ and Greene King https://partners.wrap.org.uk/assets/10163/

Here is a summary reminder of the resources that you can add your logo to and upload to your own Your Business is Food web page on your website .

Item Description Action

Your Business is Food Starter Pack


This is the first thing your network organisation should read, it explains what food thrown away is costing them, what they can do about it and how to start tracking the food thrown away. Add your logo and share with your audience



This poster promotes Your Business is Food and is designed to be printed out and displayed in the kitchen.



This is a checklist of key actions for the organisation to reduce the food thrown away.

Recommended! Calculator for 7 day tracking over a month- can be tailored to all subsectors and savings / charts are generated for easy to digest information*

Instructions for 7 day calculator quick start guide.


For your information to share as part of using YBIF materials.

7 day calculator to be used over 4 weeks to give purchase costs for food thrown away by subsector, as well as handy graphs and hotspot information. Costs are based on updated 2016 purchase data and include purchase and ‘true cost of waste’.


Recommended! 7 day tracking sheet – a simple sheet you can print out, (does not calculate savings*)


Organisations can print out this sheet and manually record food thrown away over a 7 day period.

Add your logo and share with your


3 day tracking sheet - a simple sheet you can print out, (does not calculate savings*)


Organisations can print out this sheet and manually record food thrown away over a 3 day period (useful for a really quick and basic approach).

Calculator for 3 day tracking*


This includes an explanation of how to track food thrown away and space to record 3 days of food, which will give a snap shot of what’s going on in your kitchen, costs are based on 2012 data and ‘true cost of waste’. For your information to share as part of using YBIF materials.

*You will see in the table above that we have offered a choice of ways for organisations to track food thrown away and options of how to calculate the cost, varying from a simple sheet you print out and write on, to a spreadsheet you fill in which calculates the cost of the food thrown away.

WRAP’s recommendation would be to use the 7 day tracker and calculator over 2 - 4 week period as this gives not only the detail on what is thrown away but also how much it is costing the business. The 7 day tracker and calculator is in Microsoft Excel, so not everyone will be able to use in their kitchen.  If a simpler approach is needed then print out and use the 7 day tracking sheet.




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