Bar Skills Competition

Bar Skills Competition

The TUCO Bar Competition was launched in 2015 and showcased some exceptional bar talent.

Working against the clock, entrants will be asked to prepare:

  1. A sharing drink- must be for 4 persons
  2. Signature cocktail – which will include specific ingredients
  3. A beer/cider cocktail – which will include minimum 3 ingredients.
  4. A time challenge: to be announced

For the first three rounds you will have a fixed time to serve the drinks to the judges. You will be expected to treat the judges as you would a group of guests in your workplace.

The judging panel will be released to you if your submission is accepted into the competition.

Please be aware if you are invited to compete in Warwick you will be required to wear a microphone and tell the audience and judges what you are preparing.

The competition will take place across Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th March.

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Competition Rules

Prepare 1 sharing drink.

  • You may use a serving vessel of your choice. It should serve a minimum of 4 people
  • You may use one homemade ingredient.
  • Maximum 125 ml alcoholic ingredient may be used
  • A set list of ingredients may be used (to be announced shortly)

Prepare two of the same signature cocktails

  • You will be asked to prepare a cocktail of your choice from a set ingredients list,  containing no more than 50ml of alcohol.
  • You may bring your own garnish and use one homemade ingredient.
  • You must prepare 2 x signature cocktails

Prepare two of the same beer/cider cocktails.

  • It must include 1 x beer/cider ingredient from a set list.
  • Maximum 2 alcohol units per serve


  • Each of the first three round has a defined time limit
  • Please bring with you any glassware that you will require.
  • Ice will be provided.
  • Please bring with your bar kit with you.  There will be a minimum amount of kit available on site at the competition, but this will be limited.
  • We will require full cocktail recipes by 28 February 2018. Drinks can be tweaked at the discretion of the judges. Complete recipe changes will not be accepted.
  • We must be sent links to social media/marketing plans prior to the competition (2 weeks prior)
  • Competitors are responsible for bringing homemade and garnishes not supplied on list below.

Preparing for the Competition

Marketing submissions are an important part of the 2018 competition. The judges will be looking for examples of sampling done with customers etc. Examples to include;

  • Are you able to supply sales data of your signature serve
  • What was the feedback for paying guests
  • Is there a social media presence of your drink
  • Can you provide evidence of marketing done by you or your institution for this serve
  • If you could change anything, either in marketing or the production of your drink, what would it be
  • Why did you choose to create the signature drink you did
  • Did you do any research before creating your signature serve?

Marking Criteria

Name of Round Decription Scoring
Sharing Serve Make 1 x sharing serve to serve a minimum of 4 x 150 ml drinks 1st Place 10 points
2nd Place 8 points
3rd Place 5 point
Signature Serve Create drink from a set list of ingredients Maximum 100 points
Drink Taste – 20 points
Bartender’s knowledge – 20 points
Bartending technique – 20 points
Cleanliness – 20 points
Marketing story – 20 points
Beer Cocktail Create drink from a set list of ingredients Maximum 50 points
Drink Taste – 20 points
Bartender’s knowledge – 10 points
Bartending technique – 10 points
Cleanliness – 10 points








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