Catering Light & Heavy Equipment

Start Date:
Thursday, 11 October 2018
Contract Manager:
Hannah Myton-Wright


Currently, the proposed framework will consist of the below (subject to change):

Catering Light Equipment


Buffet, Servery & Display


Light Appliances

Mobile Units

Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, Paddle / serving boards, Cruets, Linen etc.
Display boards, trays, food display, stands, / risers, dishes, baskets, dispensers,  warmers, chafers, soup kettles, gastro-norm pans etc.
Knives, utensils (slicers, scales etc.)
Toasters, contact grills, fryers, fly killers, water boilers, sous vides, microwaves, blenders, mixers, coffee machines
Trolleys, racking trolleys
Clothing Jackets, tunics, trousers, caps, aprons, uniforms, footwear
Eco cups and boxes Sustainable alternatives to disposables to Universities (rice husks, bamboo)

Heavy Catering Equipment (8 Lots)

Cookware Ranges, combi /convection / induction ovens, griddles, bratt pans, fryers, pressure cookers / steamers
Refrigeration Fridges, freezers, blast chillers, shock freezers, prep counters, multi deck display chillers
Specialist cold rooms and walk in freezers

Heavy duty walk in cold room and freezers

Warewashing Under / conveyor / pass through / utensil dishwasher
Waste Disposal * Disposers, dewaterers, composters, digesters, vacuum systems
Ventilation Grease / condensation canopies (wall mounted, single or double island)
Heavy Appliances Blenders, mixers, slicers,  preparation equipment
One Stop Shop All heavy equipment items

*TUCO has a waste disposal framework so this may well be dropped.


Please ensure you are registered on InTend (https://in-tendhost.co.uk/tuco/aspx/Home) to be able to tender for this framework when it becomes available

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Associated Lots
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