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Direct Seafoods are a well established fish and seafood supplier to the hospitality / foodservice industry, supplying over 7,500 customers nationwide from our 8 depots across the country. We provide a vast range of fresh and frozen products to all sectors of the industry and our success has been based on providing a true national service from consolidated price points, specifications, management information etc, but providing a true local/regional service by having strategic locations across the country.

By keeping the level of our fresh fish so good  , customers benefit with not only great quality but with extra shelf life the wastage is cut down dramatically and produces savings to the bottom line. This is one of our key strengths and pivotal for chefs and caterers alike.

There are a number of reasons why our fish is maintained fresher than our competitors - we are the largest supplier of fresh fish in UK Food Service  so our stock turnover is far quicker than other suppliers. We are primary purchasers straight off the auctions and local day boats

Almost all wild native  fish is purchased whole from source  then we prepare it , it gives us quality control and prolongs shelf life , rather than buying already processed from secondary sources as others do . The stock holding is only 1 -2 days as we bring fresh stock every day and our target is to return the maximum of the shelf life  to the customer which we achieve .All boxes have a pack date and shelf life guide.

 Our depot locations are very important with proximity to the daily native wildfish auctions. Kingfisher  are 3 miles from Brixham,  Neves are based in Fleetwood and Taylors are  10 miles from North Shields.

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