HOTS Business Challenge

HOTS Business Challenge

The TUCO HOTS Business Challenge is a new competition for 2018!

This brand-new competition has a team working together to run a simulated hotel business.

HOTS stands for Hotel, Operations, Tactics and Strategy and is a web-based business management simulation that challenges participants to redevelop and manage a large hotel.

Working in teams, entrants are required to take over the management of a 125-bedroom virtual hotel for a simulated two-year period with each team managing an identical hotel. Over the course of two days during the 2018 Competitions the teams will be working against each other to improve the overall performance of their hotel on a simulated month by month basis.

The judges will be evaluating the performance of each hotel over the full two years in terms of the sustainable improvement in:
•    Hotel revenues
•    Average spends
•    Return on capital
•    Profitability
•    Guest satisfaction
•    Employee satisfaction

Each team will comprise of four participants and places are limited to a maximum of 8 teams.

This competition is ideal for all those seeking to gain a better understanding of business decision making and the resulting impact on profit and cash flow.

All entries are taken as individual, but if an institution enters four competitors these will automatically joined together in a team.  All other single entries will be joined into teams, with the team mates released shortly before the competition.

The competition will take place across Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th March.


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