Innovative Food & Drink Concepts

Start Date:
Saturday, 01 September 2018
Contract Manager:
Hannah Myton-Wright


Currently, the proposed framework will consist of the below (subject to change):

Food Concepts (8 Lots)

  1. Healthy - Raw & Vegan, allergen aware, low fat/ sugar
  1. Asian - Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean etc – rice, noodles, stir fry, sides, Indian – Curries, Middle Eastern - Falafels,
  1. (North & South) American - Burgers, hot / gourmet dogs, slow cooked meats, Jamaican, Mexican - Burrito’s, taco’s
  1. Italian – Pizza (standard/GF/Artisan), pasta,
  1. Other European (Spanish, Greek, etc) - Paella, Koftas, Kebabs,
  1. Ice cream, gelato and waffles
  1. Bread & Coffee Shop Concepts – made to order sandwich kiosks, savoury pastries, café concept, salad bars
  1. One Stop Shop (food)???

Drinks Concepts (3 Lots)

  1. Alcoholic drinks concepts – slush, self-pour systems, app controlled cocktail machines, mobile bars (e.g. prosecco fizz van)
  1. Non Alcoholic drink - Smoothies, shakes, blended ice, slush, water (boiled and chilled taps), bubble tea and other hot and cold drinks concepts
  1. Drink technology support concepts – cloud based bar management systems, drink dispense equipment

Please ensure you are registered on InTend (https://in-tendhost.co.uk/tuco/aspx/Home) to be able to tender for this framework when it becomes available

  • See individual lots for suppliers
Associated Lots
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