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What you get:

  • Instant online reporting that lets managers easily see who has done what you need them to (and who hasn’t)
  • A compliant business with lower risk
  • Managers’ time freed up to focus on day to day operations
  • Learning that’s always up to date

Above all, an improved bottom line.

What your team get:

  • Personalised accounts and passwords
  • Access to highly engaging and interactive courses made up of enjoyable bite-sized modules
  • Less time training more time with customers
  • Individual learning ‘road map’
  • Assessments for each course to show what they have learned, complete with feedback
  • Certificates for all courses passed

The TUCO e-learning offer

Compliance is about more than box ticking. We help change behaviour to keep you and yours safe from risk. Make sure your frontline staff are fully briefed on their responsibilities for health and safety, food safety and hygiene, allergen and drug awareness and sales of alcohol. With concise, engaging courses that hundreds of thousands of learners tell us really work.

Practice makes perfect. Specially designed for front line bar staff, this training package brings an interactive, scenario-based approach. Your people will not only improve their knowledge, but improve their ability to engage with customers about their preferences, including customers with hearing loss.

It will mean your people will learn to think for themselves, reacting quickly to customer requirements. Making informed decisions. From higher-level compliance to day-to-day people management: reduce risk, increase sales, repeat business, and improve reputation.


Ensure your counter staff deliver the very best in customer service skills, presentation and basic merchandising. Equip your people with the knowledge and skills they need to shine within counter food sales and service. From higher level compliance to day to day people management: reduce risk, increase sales, repeat business, improve reputation.

Turn risk into reward with our manager compliance courses. Compliance isn’t just a tick box exercise. It’s about the law and keeping you, your employees and your customers safe. This practical package of short courses fully equips your managers with the knowledge to confidently communicate safe standards to employees. Up-to-date and jam packed with interactivity and best practice, as well as being engaging, intuitive and really easy to use.

Inspire, develop and retain your best talent. Upskill and motivate your managers with great approaches 

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