TUCO provides free, tailored procurement support to in-house caterers in the public sector.  Our Further Competition Service will help you squeeze every drop of value from your processes and frameworks.

Read more about our Procurement Services including feedback from an institution that has already used the Further Competition service.

Food purchasing can be exhausting. Constantly managing suppliers, driving down prices, benchmarking service levels, scrutinising spend data. A huge amount of time and resource is needed, plus the latest data analysis tools and across-the-board product knowledge.


Catering and procurement teams in the public sector have the skills and the know-how, but they are stretched. Finding the capacity needed to generate further value can be tough.

This is where TUCO can help.

We already have an annual spend of over £140 million on food and beverage with UK universities, colleges and the wider public sector, all through our EU compliant frameworks.  But we can help your organisation generate extra savings and value through our Further Competition Service – a personalised procurement service that is FREE to members.

Extra capacity for your team

Think of it as an extension of your catering and procurement teams; increasing their capacity.

We work with your staff to offer as much or as little support as they need, freeing them up to focus on other areas.

How can we help you?

  • Spend analysis: TUCO can conduct a detailed evaluation of your organisation’s food and beverage spend, identifying opportunities to create further value
  • Further competition: We can run mini-competitions on TUCO frameworks, asking approved suppliers to tender for your specific basket of goods; driving competition and maximising additional incentives
  • Product switching: TUCO can help your organisation create savings by ensuring core list compliance. We can also help you find lower priced, comparable products.
  • Product rationalisation: Refining the number of lines purchased can generate big cost savings. Let TUCO help you shrink your basket and see the benefit to your bottom line
  • Supplier rationalisation: Managing masses of suppliers is costly and laborious. We can prioritise your supply base - reducing numbers if necessary; improving engagement and saving you more

How does the Further Competition Service work?


You may already be using one of our food and beverage frameworks. To help you generate even greater value, we can run a second competitive process for your specific requirements. This is how it works:

  • Agree your basket of goods
  • TUCO will ask pre-approved suppliers to tender for your basket – a ‘mini-competition’
  • TUCO will evaluate suppliers’ responses
  • You select a supplier and TUCO will award the contract

What are the benefits?

  • Speedy process
  • No need to go through a full OJEU procurement process again
  • Suppliers have already been vetted
  • Terms and conditions of the framework have already been agreed
  • Suppliers tender for your exact requirements
  • You can refine the basic terms of the framework
  • Additional cost savings

Specialist knowledge

TUCO’s CIPS-qualified procurement team have in-depth category understanding and can quickly provide the specific food and beverage market intelligence and procurement advice you need.

Maybe you have a question about a particular area of the market or perhaps you want advice on how to manage challenges within the supply chain.

Whatever your request, our CIPS-qualified staff can help. They can quickly provide the catering industry research, data and insight you need.

jane eve

“Our team of professionally qualified category managers and data analysts have the experience and food and beverage industry knowledge to help education institutions drive down their costs further. We’d love to support your organisation to generate added value – let us know what type of assistance you need.”

Jane Eve, Head of Contracts, TUCO

Low operating costs

As a not-for-profit organisation, TUCO reinvests its surplus into member benefits. Having no shareholders to pay dividends to means we have lower operating costs. Being owned by you, our members, means we only ever act in your best interests, with transparency and integrity.

To find out how TUCO’s Further Competition Service can help your organisation, contact Jane Eve, Head of Contracts E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. T: 0161 713 3424



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