MSC Certification

As part of sustainable development, TUCO Ltd aim to embed sustainability within all functions of the business. This means making the necessary decisions now to realise our vision of stimulating economic growth, maximising wellbeing and protecting our environment, without affecting the ability of future generations to do the same.

MSC Certification


TUCO work together with MSC to form a three tier group entity involving TUCO Head Office, University Head Office, University Kitchen.  Accredited Members demonstrate a valid ‘chain of custody’ from certified fisheries to the dishes they serve which means they can then use the  MSC Ecolabel on their menus.

Here you will find all the documents TUCO members are required to complete to join the Chain of Custody Scheme that TUCO offer.

  1. Policy manual v5 Aug 16
  2. University handbook v5 Aug 16
  3. Kitchen handbook v5 Aug 16
  4. Staff training quiz Aug 16
  5. Answers to MSC Quiz Aug 16
  6. MSC Delivery Usage Control Sheets Aug 16
  7. TUCO Member MSC Site List Aug 16
  8. TUCO Member MSC Product List Aug 16
  9. MSC at TUCOconf 2016
  10. MSC Annual Report 2015-16



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