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TUCO Global Food & Beverage Trends Report 2017

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The health trend continues gathering momentum at an unstoppable rate. Gluten-free and sugar swapping is now the norm, but dairy free has gained importance. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are the new buzz foods, and protein is still the darling of the macronutrient world, but more and more so in its plant and natural forms. Lifestyle diets are less popular as consumers design their own eat-styles, but they are avidly following gurus in wellness for tips and guidance. Our consumers continue to be highly socially responsible.

They still want to know about the provenance of their food, and this extends to products like tea, coffee and chocolate. They continue to eat ethically but the emphasis has shifted to charitable acts for human beings and food wastage, the latter of which is very top of the agenda. The higher quality animal welfare claims of 2016 have become an industry standard, as opposed to a trend. Local is still key, but the importance of ‘small batch’ everything has grown. Craft and process is even more important than before. Within home grown, foraging and urban foraging particularly have become more widespread.

Citations of ‘home made’ continue to pop up everywhere, and we’re now seeing this extend to home made versions of branded old favourites e.g. cola or jaffa cakes. Up in the most influential drinking establishments, the named spirits trend has gone full circle, as simplicity takes hold of menus. Single speciality restaurants continue to constantly come up with novel things to specialise in, and they’re getting competition from food trucks, which are upping their game.

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