Charlotte Gowers

Charlotte Gowers

Millennial seafood shoppers are most likely to choose ecolabelled fish than those older, while all shoppers’ spend on sustainable seafood has increased for a fourth year running, according to a report released by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Not only are UK consumers spending more on sustainable seafood, it’s the millennials that have the strongest preference[1] - with 52% of 18-34 year olds stating they prefer to choose ecolabelled fish and seafood. That’s in comparison to 37% of those over 55 years old in the UK. By choosing seafood with the blue MSC label shoppers are helping to protect oceans, livelihoods and fish for the future. 

Shoppers’ spend on seafood in carrying the MSC ecolabel in the UK exceeded half a billion pounds (£754m)[2] in the year 2016/17, a 29% increase on the £403m spent from the previous year 2015/16. That means £1 out of every £5 spent in UK supermarkets on seafood went on MSC certified sustainable fish, helping ensure the ocean’s health.

The figures, part a recent MSC report “From sustainable fishers to seafood lovers," confirms MSC certified products are increasing 20% year on year - this increased choice has had an enormous impact on shopping habits. The MSC label can be found on a wide range of products from fresh, frozen and tinned fish to pet food, fish oil health supplements and baby food.

More brands and retailers are choosing to use the MSC label than ever before; Sainsbury’s leads the way in the UK, offering over 200 certified products – more MSC labelled products than any other national retailer worldwide. It is closely followed by Waitrose, Tesco (who introduced the blue label to over 600 fishmonger’s counters across country this year), Lidl, Aldi and Birds Eye.

The millennial generation is shaping the ‘eating out’ sector; it’s also become fastest growing customer segment within the hospitality industry[3]. Leading restaurants such as Wahaca and McDonald’s, and even stores such as Ikea continue to make the commitment to certified sustainable seafood for their eco-conscious diners. Fish and chip shops are also upping their green credentials with now over 100 chippies in the UK using the ‘blue fish label’ on their fish, assuring customers that it’s been caught responsibly.

Danielle Pinnington, MD at shopper research agency, Shoppercentric, says: “It is encouraging that millennials are demonstrating the kinds of attitudes that will push suppliers and retailers to take ethical sourcing seriously. There is plenty of evidence emerging that the younger generation of shoppers are interested in the provenance and ethics of the products they are buying.”

Toby Middleton, UK Programme Director for MSC says: “The fact is that UK shoppers value sustainable credentials above price and brand. We are delighted that the younger generation care about sustainable seafood – they are the shoppers of the future. With this year’s increase of restaurants, brands, and supermarkets using the MSC blue fish label, we can all help to drive sustainable fishing.”

Educating consumers and increasing public understanding of sustainable seafood is a vital part of MSC’s plans for 2018, says the report. Next year will see the launch of its ‘Keep it Wild – choose the blue fish’ campaign across the UK, that aims to reach consumers through joint partnerships, ambassadors and storytelling.

The report also outlines the MSC’s plans for the future, including an ambitious target to engage 20% of marine catch by 2020.  Choosing MSC labelled seafood from fisheries, supermarkets, brands and restaurants helps to protect the life in our oceans for generations to come by ensuring sustainable fish that can be traced back to its source.

Read the MSC’s Annual Report: The MSC at 20. Wild. Certified. Sustainable

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) has awarded all three of Matthew Algie’s training centres with its prestigious Premier Training Campus accreditation, making Matthew Algie not only one of the first members to have joined the SCAE, as it was formerly known, but also the first coffee roaster to have accredited training centres in both the UK and Ireland - and first to hold multisite Premier Training Campuses in Europe.

Located in Glasgow, London and Dublin, each of the training centres has consistently demonstrated compliance with the SCA’s standards of excellence in terms of their provision of educational and learning environments, high-end training equipment and facilities.

The SCA is the world’s leading professional organisation promoting excellence in quality coffee and draws together professionals from all aspects of the coffee industry. The coffee skills programme aims to improve global coffee standards through furthering knowledge and education and consists of a number of different modules.

Caroline Carter, Head of Training at Matthew Algie, commented: “The best operators understand the importance of investing in a barista’s coffee journey. They know that great coffee requires more than just great beans and equipment. Our training courses help baristas to develop a sound understanding of sourcing, production, taste and brewing. And crucially, our 30-strong team of trainers help instil the knowledge, passion and delivery that sits at the heart of the most successful coffee businesses. To date we have trained over 50,000 baristas and we look forward to taking the next step in our training evolution together with SCA.”

Owen Thom, Training and Quality representative at the SCA, said, “We are delighted to be working with Matthew Algie, our long-time partner and the first multisite Premier Training Campus. Their commitment to excellence means that the SCA’s new Coffee Skills Program will be taught to coffee professionals across the UK and Ireland by the some of the best coffee educators in the world.”

As part of the SCA Barista Skills Program, Matthew Algie now offers a number of specialist modules in three learning stages: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional, each of which count towards the SCA Diploma.

For further information on Matthew Algie’s coffee schools and training programmes visit

For further information on the Speciality Coffee Association visit 

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Pricing Bulletin 06/11/17 - 17/11/17

Please note there is revised pricing on the following agreements



  • Molson Coors                              



  • Palmer & Harvey                                             


Fruit & Veg                                                        



  • Fife Creamery                                   


Hot Beverage                                                   

  • Cafeology                                                           


Innovative Food Concepts                                                           


Milk & Bread                                                     

  • Wrights Dairies                                                 



  • Adelie (Daily Bread)                                       
  • Raynor Foods                                   
  • Simply Lunch                                     


Please note there are amended product files for the below suppliers                                                       



  • LWC                                                      


Catering Disposables & Kitchen Chemicals                                                            

  • All Purpose                                        


Catering Light & Heavy Equipment                                                          


Frozen & Chilled                                                              

  • KFF                                        


Fruit & Veg                                                        



  • KFF                                        


Meat & Poultry                                                

  • Althams                              


Milk & Bread                                                     



  • Tiffin                                     


Soft Drinks                                                         

  • Coca Cola                                            


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New documents

Importance of Breakfast

The 11th Key Global Food & Beverage Trend is The Importance of Breakfast


Mega Trend Description

Breakfast continues to be the most popular meal of the day among Millennials and Gen Z – and least of all in the morning. More and more all-day breakfasts and brunch establishments are popping up across the globe. But it’s a far cry from the full English. Think eggs pimped with truffle oil or hollandaise, brightly coloured porridge laden with superfoods, or exotic versions of the meal from around the world.  Good looking, packed with nutrients, and capable of reaching the ultimate heights of deliciousness, it’s no wonder we can’t get enough of the most important meal of the day.


How this Resonates with the Younger Generation?

  • More than half (54%) of Canadian consumers aged 18-34 eat breakfast while commuting and 3 in 5 (60%) consumers under 45 report that they eat breakfast while at work or school (Mintel, Sept 2016)
  • Under 45’s show greater interest in breakfast foods high in protein (52%), with added vitamins (27%), infused with omega-3 (25%), and all-natural food options (43%). Canadian Millennials (aged 18-34), in particular, tend to look for breakfast foods that fuel physical activity or brain power for studying as they show a higher interest in specialised breakfast meals (27%) and in fortified breakfast foods with nutritional benefits (34%) (Mintel, Sept 2016)
  • Only 25% of Millennials and Gen Z eat three square meals an day and 75% are eating some kind of snack in a typical week day. On the weekend, consumption of night time snacks dessert and brunch increase (YPulse, 2017)


Sub Trends

  • Eggs-ellent
  • Breakfast 24/7
  • Premium Porridge
  • Breakfast World Fare


Read the full Global Food & Beverage Trends Report here.

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The field of Gastrophysics is paving the way for the future of dining experiences and menu design. We are not only looking at how food is being put together on the plate but also how each step on the sensory journey comes together to create the dining experience.

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the science and research of Gastrophysics which brings together Chefs, psychologists and neurologists
  • Have ideas on how to apply sensory research into experience design
  • Understand how our senses can alter our perception of flavour
  • Find creative and unique ways to design new menus
  • Experience one of London’s most sought after sensory dining experiences

For full details of this study tour and how to book please click here.

This Christmas as Alcohol Consumption Declines

 Britvic Adult Socialising

Brand new research from Britvic reveals that almost half of consumers (45%) are set to buy more soft drinks at Christmas as figures show that over a fifth (21%) plan to drink less alcohol.  With 37% also planning to spend more on soft drinks at Christmas than previous years, increasing to over half (56%) of consumers aged 16-24, seasonal soft drinks sales are set to soar this Christmas and Britvic is advising leisure operators to be prepared.

The research, conducted by Censuswide UK, also indicates that of those consumers planning to reduce their alcohol consumption this Christmas, 39% now drink less alcohol all year round, increasing to 41% in those aged 25-34 and to 46% in those aged 55+.  While there is clearly a seasonal sales opportunity that operators need to be prepared for, with figures showing a big decline in alcohol consumption all year round, it’s also important to stock a dynamic range of soft drinks throughout the year to cater for this growing consumer interest in soft drinks.

Interestingly, figures revealed that for over half (54%) of those that will be drinking alcohol this Christmas, the tipple of choice will be spirits.  With over three in five (63%) of spirits drinkers using mixers, ensuring the bar is fully stocked with an enticing and great tasting selection ideal for mixing, like Britvic’s range of Mixers and Juices, will be key to capitalising on this seasonal sales opportunity.  As interest in premium spirits continues to rise, offering the right mixer to perfectly complement and balance the flavour is now just as important as the spirit.  Having recently been awarded a prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute Three-Star Superior Taste Award, Britvic’s Indian Tonic Water is the perfect product to allow operators to do just that.

The results also showed that almost a quarter (21%) of consumers don’t think there are enough premium soft drinks to choose from.  This increases to 27% amongst those aged 25-34 and highlights a major gap in the market that operators can fill by stocking premium ranges such as J2O Spritz to make their sales sparkle this Christmas. 


Russell Goldman, Commercial Director, Licensed and Foodservice at Britvic, commented: “It’s clear from our research that there’s going to be a real shift towards moderate drinking this Christmas and as a result, there is likely to be a high demand for soft drinks throughout the season.  Offering a range of inspiring serves and using products like Teisseire to create sensational experiences for customers, both with and without alcohol, will enable leisure operators to cater for this peak in demand over the festive period.”

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Vanilla Black

A Day of Inspiration for Vegetarian Menus with a talk from Andrew Dargue

vanilla black

Dont miss out on the opportunity to hear from Andrew Dargue, the founder and chef proprietor will talk about the Vanilla Black story which is truly inspirational.


Each delegate will be given a small goody bag of unusual ingredients that feature on the Vanilla Black menu.


Click HERE for further details and how to book on this very popular Study Tour.

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Value for Money Reports

VFM sm


As the UK’s professional body for university and college catering, we work in a number of different ways to enable our members to develop and achieve sustainability in every sense of the word. Our framework agreements continue to play a vital role in enabling institutions to achieve value for money and over last financial year secured more than £8.6m in cost savings. This was shown in the personalised Value for Money Reports, which all our Full Members received this week.

TUCO members are benefitting from being part of a network with ever more opportunities to learn from peers and draw on insight at home and abroad. Our summer and winter conferences go from strength to strength and the TUCO Competitions have grown into a highly respected showcase for the talent found across in-house catering teams.

Over the last two years TUCO Academy has come to the fore, providing a growing range of courses both site based and online. The Academy is also now playing a leading role in shaping and delivering our popular programme of study tours. As with all aspects of TUCO’s work, our success stems from having a highly engaged membership, whether it’s through our regional groups or conferences. By working together, we can equip in-house catering departments with the skills, insight and tools to continue to thrive.

If you’ve not received your report or you have any queries please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

WLC Apple Pie

A number of the gluten, wheat and milk free We Love Cake lines have recently been registered with the Vegan Society. After popular demand, the naturally vegan lines have now been registered with The Vegan Society and packaging will soon to be carrying the Vegan logo.

In addition to the rise in demand for gluten, wheat and milk free products, there has also been a large increase in the number of consumers looking for Vegan products – with a reported half a million Vegans currently living in the UK (Ipsos MORI). The rise of people choosing to follow the Vegan lifestyle is especially high amongst the 15-34 year, with this younger age bracket representing 42% of all Vegans.

Emily Sudell, Marketing Manager said; “with this rapid growth, it has never been more important to ensure university canteen/cafe menus are providing options for Vegans – with students representing a large portion of this market.

“We are excited by the new Vegan claim on our products and have already received a great reception to this move across our fans on social media channels”

The We Love Cake lines which have been registered with the Vegan society include the best-selling lines in the range; Chocolate & Orange Tart & Sweet Pastry Mince Pies, along with their traditional favourites of Cranberry & Pecan Flapjack, Apple Crumble Slice and Apple Lattice Pie.

The individually wrapped bakes are already very popular across universities, with the full range being available frozen through Bidfood Wholesaler.

John Hine, National Food Service Account Manager said “we welcome the move to including the Vegan symbol on our packaging as this will help to broaden our product offering to an even wider market – without compromising on taste”

All of the We Love Cake lines are made and hand-finished in the first dedicated gluten, wheat and milk free bakery in the UK, based in the heart of Cumbria.

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Benchmarking Survey

The closing date for the survey has been extended to Sunday 12th November, we hope you will set some time aside to complete the survey so that your information can be added to those members who have already submitted their data.

TUCO is undertaking a benchmarking study that will offer members anonymised comparisons of their catering business with other in-house catering businesses within Higher Education.  The findings will enable you to compare your University catering costs against other similar institutions. 
The research is being carried out on our behalf by Qa Research, an independent research company.
In exchange for completing the survey, Members will receive:

  • An overall report showing operational and performance data from across the sector
  • An individual summary report with your data in comparison to averages for the sector
  • Entry into a free prize draw to win £500 credit against the TUCO Academy events

For this survey we are interested in data from the academic year just gone i.e. 1st August 2016 to 31st July 2017.

The next steps

The survey asks about staffing, operations and turnover for the catering operations across the University. It is anticipated that you may need to ask others in your organisation to assist with providing data for some questions within the survey.

Please review the attached PdF of the survey so you can see what questions are being asked and therefore who in your University you may need to circulate the survey to or get answers from.

The survey will retain the information as long as the next question icon at the bottom of the screen is clicked before exiting the survey; you can click back into it at any stage and it will remember your previous answers so you do not have to fill it all in in one go.

You can circulate the survey to the relevant staff to complete but please note only one person within your organisation can complete the online survey link at any one time for the data to be saved. At the end of the survey you will be shown a summary page with all your answers. Please check your answers and amend any data if necessary before finally submitting the survey.

Please note, although you can send the online survey link to others in the University, only one person within your organisation can complete the online survey link at any one time.

Only click 'submit' (at the end of the survey) once all sections are completed. Clicking on the link below will take you to the online survey.

TUCO benchmarking survey

If you have a query about the research in general, please contact Mike Haslin, Chief Executive Officer at TUCO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Should you have any technical questions about this survey, please contact Nick How at Qa Research This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your help.



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