Establishing and Embedding Core Values

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Date:21 November 2017

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Establishing and Embedding Core Values


Clearly defined core values are at the centre of a healthy corporate culture. Strong values provide an ethical code of behaviour that influences staff, suppliers and customers. When employees share a brand’s core values they are more likely to feel content, empowered and fulfilled. Shared values can shape a behavioural framework that enables an organisation to realise its brands vision and achieve its true purpose. Values may originally derive from an organisation’s founders and evolve over time as a business flourishes. If these values are not clarified and communicated, they may become diluted and compromise the qualities that made the organisation successful in the first place.

Core Values are the foundations on which strong brands may be built. These values should be clear and relevant to each employee at every stage of their relationship with the organisation. The more work you put into defining what your organisation stands for and how you expect your staff to behave, the more your brand will grow in stature and performance.
This is a highly interactive day focussing on the refreshing or acquiring  leadership techniques. Participants will be given tangible actions that can be taken back and implemented in the workplace. 
Who should attend?

The Core Values course is designed for people at any management level in the organisation

Aims of the workshop:

• What are values and why they matter 

• Where values come from and how they link to a healthy culture 

• The four types of values 

• Systems for understanding values 

• Exercises to help you uncover and define your core values

• Choosing Values to deliver behaviours 

• Adding personality to your core values 

• Write a Core Values Statement


Trainer details

This workshop will be delivered by Gordon Robertson of GoDoBe Training who is passionate about leadership and people.   Gordon has worked with TUCO for several years and is a specialist in Investors in People training as well as “enabling people to unleash their genius” according to his Twitter handle.

Ticket Information:

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Member Ticket£99.00Available
Associate, affiliate or non-members£135.00Available



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