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King Asia Foods Ltd began its journey in 1985 and since then has become one of the leading specialist oriental food manufacturers in the UK. We have been innovative when developing new on-trend products which satisfies the ever-changing consumer tastes in food. We can cater to various catering outlets with the wide product range we have available. Our dishes are of the highest quality as well as being authentic.
We are happy to offer the following for any establishment:

Marketing Support (FOC)

We offer branded and innovate oriental food concepts which we are happy to discuss with you in terms of designing and tailoring a menu to suit your catering needs. As well as providing point of sale including pull up banners and boards using our signature Chinese dragon which is recognized across various university outlets. This will make it easier than ever to target those key customers and create awareness.

Concepts Available

We offer a variety of oriental food concepts that you can work with, whether it be a smaller outlet and wanting to offer a grab and go option to a main refectory offering stir fry dishes. The concepts we have put together include:

Street Food Noodles- Ideal for any catering outlet we can help with the whole concept beginning with the noodles and finishing with our toppings and condiments. Our street food noodles have been very successful in an ever-increasing number of university outlets. 

Stir Fry Dishes- Our stir fry dishes are vibrant with the varieties we offer including our most popular offers: Cantonese Crispy Chicken in Sweet & Sour Sauce, Char Siu Pork in Szechuan Sauce and Szechuan Beef in a Cantonese Satay Sauce. With these dishes, we provide each component required to complete the dish. These dishes are as simple to put together as they are to eat!

Ready Made Multiportion Meals- These multiportion meals will fit any catering establishment especially those wanting to save time. The meals come already made frozen and can be regenerated using a hob, steamer or microwave. A few of our recent new editions include: Singaporean Fish Curry, Chicken Rendang and Asian Vegetable Curry.

Finger Foods- Our traditional oriental finger foods are used in various outlets as an accompaniment for a dish i.e. with any stir fry dish have two sides for a set price. Our spring rolls are known within TUCO for their quality as they are individually handmade in our BRC ‘A’ Grade factory emphasizing our high quality further. Ideal for hospitality and functions.

Dim Sum Steamed Buns & Dumplings- We provide a variety of steamed buns and dumplings which come in packs perfect for university retail store or putting into a steamer and then serving on a counter.

Individual Take Away Portion Meals- These ready meals are ideal for university retail stores as students can pick one up on the way back after a lecture and put into the microwave for a couple of minutes then serve. It is easy and convenient for the busy students!

NEW Oriental Soups- Our oriental soups are new to the market which include: Chicken and Sweetcorn, Hot & Sour and Miso. The miso soup comes concentrated and needs using in a 1 to 8 portions of water ratio. The other two soups come frozen and ready to use.

Our experienced and dedicated sales team are happy to help in any way with developing oriental solutions for your business and will work with you to make sure the concept works for you from start to finish

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