Laboratory And Industrial Gases Framework Agreement

Start Date:
Tuesday, 01 November 2016
End Date:
Thursday, 31 October 2019
Extension Date:
Saturday, 31 October 2020
Contract Manager:
Mike Kilner
020 7307 2768


Please ensure the Buyers Guide, which includes the supplier structure by Lot, is referred to prior to commencing a mini-competition.

Further details on the Agreement are also available from the IUPC Gases web site:

Please note - helium update issued September 2017:

Further to June's communication concerning the disruption to global helium supplies, the liquid helium allocation, which has been in place since the end of June has ceased. This means there are no further restrictions concerning the supply of liquid helium. BOC's logistics team have been successful in shipping product out of Qatar both directly from Doha as well as through Oman.


Lot 1 Compressed Industrial Gases (supplied in rented cylinders of various sizes)

Lot 2 Compressed Medical Gases (supplied in rented cylinders of various sizes)

Lot 3 Compressed Research /Special Gases and gas mixtures (supplied in rented cylinders of various sizes)

Lot 4 Solid Carbon Dioxide (Dry Ice)

Lot 5 Liquid Helium

Lot 6 Liquid Nitrogen and other Cryo Liquids in Small Vessels

Lot 7 Liquid Nitrogen in Bulk

Lot 8 Gas Regulators and Handling Equipment

Lot 9 Assorted Fixtures and Fittings including Inspection and Maintenance

Lot 10 Dispensing Gases and Systems

Lot 11 Gas Monitoring and Detection Equipment

Lot 12 Gas Safety Training Courses

  • See individual lots for suppliers
Associated Lots
  • None

Framework Documents:



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