Prescott Thomas

Prescott Thomas

Unit 1 Horner House, 21 Sherrin Road
New Spitalfields Market
E10 5SQ
Kim Chapman
020 8988 5806


The Company of Prescott-Thomas Ltd. has a history going back well over 100 years, to the OLD SPITALFIELDS MARKET, centred in the heart of the City of London. Then as R.A. Prescott, its sole aim was to make the people of London aware of the benefits of quality chosen fresh fruit and vegetables.

It wasn’t long before the Company was linked to both high standards and a dedication to service. Our customer base is a varied and interesting selection of, Hotels, The N.H.S, Schools, Colleges, Dubai Royal Family, House of Lords, Gentlemen’s clubs and various other large catering contracts. With an increased choice of produce, with numerous items coming from distant parts of the world e.g. South Americas, Asia and Europe, we give people exotic items to meet the needs of London’s multi-cultural society.


Prescott Thomas has some of the most experienced staff in the business and with this advantage combines to offer a sincere and dedicated service to the catering trade. Our fleet of 45 refrigerated vehicles co-inside with our cool-chain policy implemented throughout the warehouse. We deliver six days a week from London to the Home Counties.


Prescott-Thomas Ltd source approximately 50% of home grown produce during the English Season from local growers and farms, hence we now work under the banner of the Soil Association and have been awarded the Red Tractor Accreditation. And we now supply organic carrots to a number of school boroughs.


This has enabled us to be awarded a global higher level B.R.C Accreditation which in our industry is very difficult to achieve. This requires us to keep and maintain an ‘approved suppliers’ list, this is the reason why I use Spitalfields Market as my source of supply. I can vet the performance of suppliers on a daily basis and I have used the market for over 40 years, so that speaks for its self.



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