TUCO Innovation Awards - Student Experience

TUCO Innovation Awards - Student Experience

The TUCO Innovation Awards student experience initiative seeks to recognise and celebrate member institutions that have successfully demonstrated that they implemented an initiative that had a positive impact on the Student Experience within their institution.

Supporting and enhancing the 'student experience' throughout the student lifecycle is critical to success in higher education today for both the student and the institution. With every institution scrutinising the NSS scores, working hard and succeeding in improving student life.  TUCO members look to support their institutions in delivering an exceptional student experience.

This award is for a member institution that has implemented an initiative linked to the student experience in the past 18 months.

Entry for the 2016 competition is now closed, but why not come and support your colleagues by attending the competition?   Entry is free of charge, TUCO members click here to book your place and suppliers wishing to attend please click here.


Judging Criteria

Judges will use the following weighted criteria when assessing entries:

  • Evidence that the initiative had an overall positive impact on the student experience – 30 points
  • Creativity and innovation were used in the deployment of the initiative and the % number of students it impacted – 25 points
  • Evidence of tools that measured the overall impact and outcomes of the initiative – 20 points
  • Overall positive impact on cost and profit to the operation – 15 points
  • Overall “wow” factor of the initiative – 10 points


If you have any queries regarding your entry please contact the Competitions team on 0344 571 8208 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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