Framework Agreements

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Supplier name
All Purpose Cleaning & Catering Supplies
Alliance Disposables Ltd
Alliance Disposables Ltd (DipChem)
Angel Human Resources
Applied Design & Engineering Ltd t/a Adande Refrigeration
ASA Recruitment
Barmans Limited
Batleys Foodservice Ltd (Alcohol)
Batleys Foodservice Ltd (Conf15)
Berkeley Scott (Kellan)
Bidfood (Alcohol)
Bidfood (Conf15)
Bidfood (DipChem)
Bidfood Catering Supplies
Blue Arrow Ltd
Brakes (Conf15)
Brakes (L&H Equip)
Brightwork Limited
Broderick Group Ltd
Bulk Vending Systems Limited
Bunzl Catering Supplies
Cafedirect Plc
Cafeology Ltd
Carlsberg UK
Catering Projects Nottingham Ltd
Coffee Conscience Ltd
Delphis Eco
Disposables & Catering Supplies Ltd (DCS)
Eden Springs UK Ltd t/a Eden Kafevend
Excel Vending Limited
Falcon Foodservice Equipment
First Call Employment Ltd
Foster Refrigerator (A Division of ITW Ltd)
Fulfil UK
Handmade Speciality Products Ltd
HG Stephenson
Hunts Foodservice
Ideal Services (Scotland) Ltd
J W Filshill Ltd
JLA Limited (KEM 2019)
Lucozade Ribena Suntory (Vending)
LTT Vending Limited
LWC Drinks Ltd
Magenta (UK) Ltd
Matthew Algie & Co Ltd
Matthew Clark Wholesale
Minton Spring Water Co Ltd
Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Limited
Nivek Catering Supplies Limited
North West Vending Limited
Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions Ltd
Bewley's (Peros) (Conf15)
Bewley's (Peros) (HotBev)
Planglow Ltd
Preface Recruitment Services Ltd
Prochoice Recruitment (UK) Ltd
Reed Specialist Recruitment
Refreshment Systems Ltd
Tchibo Coffee International Ltd
S H Jones Wines Ltd
Search Consultancy Ltd
Selecta UK Limited
Shorrock Trichem Ltd
Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd
Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd
Trichem South Ltd
Turner Price Ltd (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
Unico Ltd
Union Hand Roasted Coffee
Upton Group Ltd
V H Graddon & Sons Vending Ltd
Verve Personnel Ltd
Wilkes Vending Services
Wray Brothers Limited
WV Howe
Yearsley Food Sales
Zenith Hygiene
Acorn Dairy
Anglia Produce Ltd
BAKO North Western Group Ltd (M&B16)
Cotteswold Dairy Ltd
Coultons Bread Ltd
DairyLink UK Ltd
FP Processing Limited (Fresh Pastures)
Henllan Bread (UK) LTD
Morris Quality Bakers
Pensworth the Dairy Company
Ron Chalker (The Potato Man) Ltd (M&B16)
S B Supplies (Freshfield)
The Capital Dairy Company Limited
Thomas Ridley and Son Ltd (M&B16)
West Country Milk Consortium Ltd
West Horsley Dairy
Embleton Hall Dairies Ltd
GC Birchall Ltd (Birchall Foodservice)
Mortons Dairies
Tomlinsons Dairies Ltd (We Love Milk)
D J Wrights Dairies Ltd
Enotria & Coe
Organic Waste Logistcs Ltd (OWL Ltd)
Elleteq Ltd
Keenan (Recycling) Ltd
Aubrey Allen Ltd
Bidfood (M&P)
Brake Bros Ltd (M&P)
British Premium Meats Ltd
CMB Foods Ltd
Complete Meats Ltd
Freeman Catering Butchers
Gibbins Quality Meats
Harlech Foodservice (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
John Sheppard Butchers
Llechwedd Trading Ltd
M C Kelly Ltd
Marbec Meats Ltd
Midland Foods Ltd
MJ Birtwistle & Co. Ltd
Mrs J C Altham and Sons (Morecambe) Ltd
Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd
Solent Butchers Limited
Underwood Meat Company Ltd
Young's Foodservice
Celtic Fish & Game Ltd
M&J Seafood
Paradise Seafood Limited
The Stickleback Fish Co Ltd
442 Design Ltd
PSV Design Ltd
Restaurant Design Associates Ltd (RDA)
HK Projects
Promart Manufacturing Ltd
ScoMac Catering Equipment Ltd
Atlantic Graphic Solutions Ltd
Warren Group Ltd
Adelie Foods Ltd
Capital Catering Company Ltd
Castell Howell Foods Ltd
Deli Lites Ireland
Fat Boys Ltd t/a Simply Lunch
Food for Now (Ginsters)
Hakens Quality Foods Ltd
Lime Tree Foods T/A Sandwich King
On A Roll Sandwich Company Ltd
PJs Foods
Raynor Foods Ltd
Street Eats Food Ltd
The Good Food Chain ltd
The Good Food Company of Harefield Ltd T/A Impress Sandwiches
The Real Wrap Co
The Soho Sandwich Company Limited
The Tuck Box Andover Ltd
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
Tiffin Sandwiches Ltd
Accent Fresh Ltd
Brakes (F&V)
Country Fresh Foods
Creed Foodservice
E Sidwell Ltd
Entremettier Ltd
Fresh Range (Equilibrium Markets Ltd)
Ferryfast Produce LTD T/A Worcester Produce
Fresh n Fruity UK Ltd
Freshview Foods Ltd
George Anderson and Sons
GW Price Ltd
Harvest Fine Foods
J & R Food Service LTD
John Palin (Wholesale) Ltd
Kale & Damson
Linkclass London LTD
Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd
Millside Barrowcliffe Ltd
Oliver Kay Produce
Oncore Foodservice Solutions ltd
Pilgrim Foodservice
R Noone & Son Ltd
Ralph Livesey Ltd
Ribble Farm Fare Ltd
Ron Chalker ("The Potato Man") Ltd
Set Produce Ltd
Sheringhams Fine Foods Ltd
Startfresh Ltd
Stuarts Foods Ltd & S Clift Foods Ltd
The Veg Factor
Total Produce
Winster Foods (Derbyshire) Ltd
Brewfitt Ltd
Chicken Joes Limited t/a Love Joes
Country Choice
Dr Oetker
Drink Command
Fresh Fayre Limited
Funnybones Foodservice
King Asia Foods Ltd
Krogab UK Ltd (IFDC)
Lime Holdings
Vimto Out of Home
Pasta King (UK) Limited
Ramona's Kitchen
R H Hall Foodservice Solutions
TUGO Food Systems Ltd
ValidFill, LLC
Cocktails Machine UK and Ireland (Energy Distribution)
AG Barr Soft Drinks
Batleys Foodservice (Soft Drinks)
Bidfood (Soft Drinks)
Bewley's (Soft Drinks)
Brakes (Soft Drinks)
Catering Services (supplies) Ltd (CSS)
Coca-Cola European Partners Ltd
Creed Foodservice (Soft Drinks)
Janes Beverages Foodservice Ltd
Krogab UK Ltd (Soft Drinks)
Lucozade Ribena Suntory (Soft Drinks)
Tchibo Coffee International Limited (Soft Drinks)
ReFood UK ltd
All Purpose Cleaning & Catering Supplies (CL&H)
Alliance Disposables Ltd (CL&H)
Brake Bros Ltd (CL&H)
BFS Group ltd T/A Bidfood (CL&H)
Foster Refrigerator (A Division of ITW Ltd) (CL&H)
HG Stephenson (CL&H)
ITW Ltd T/A Hobart UK (CL&H)
JLA Limited (CL&H)
Kitchequip (CL&H)
Magenta (UK) Ltd (CL&H)
Nisbets (CL&H)
R H Hall Foodservice Solutions (CL&H)
WV Howe (CL&H)
Williams Refrigeration (CL&H)
Whitco Catering & Bakery Equipment Ltd (CL&H)
Comax UK Ltd
Swift Maintenace Services
Stephens Catering Equipment Co Ltd
MWUK Ltd t/a Alexandra
Bunzl UK Ltd t/a Lockhart Catering Equipment (CL&H)
Batleys Foodservice (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
Bidfood (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
Blakemore Foodservice (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
Brakes Bros Ltd (GFC)
Clegg's Chilled Food Service (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
Creed Foodservice (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
Fife Creamery Ltd (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
GC Birchall Ltd (grocery, frozen & chilled foods)
H.N. Nuttall Limited (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
Lomond Fine Foods Ltd (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
MKG (Food Products) Ltd (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
Philip Dennis Foodservice (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
The Little Food Company (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods)
Trevors Foodservice (Grocery, Frozen & Chilled)
Advent Catering Equipment Limited (KEM 2019)
ARK Wals Ltd (KEM 2019)
Aspen Maintenance Services Ltd (KEM 2019)
Crystaltech Services Ltd (Buttress) (KEM 2019)
Collingham Catering Services Ltd (KEM 2019)
Ductclean (UK) Ltd T/A DCUK FM (KEM 2019)
Duct Hygiene LImited (KEM 2019)
Francis Commercial Kitchen Services Ltd (KEM 2019)
Hatherley Commercial Services LTD (KEM 2019)
Indepth Hygiene Services Ltd
McAlpine Grant Ilco Limited (KEM 2019)
McFarlane Telfer Ltd (KEM 2019)
Meridian Catering Engineers Ltd (KEM 2019)
NWCE Limited  (KEM 2019)
Overclean Ltd (KEM 2019)
Quantaqua Limited (KEM 2019)
Sime Catering Equipment Ltd (KEM 2019)
Swift Maintenance Services (1973) Ltd (KEM 2019)
The Acme Facilities Group Limited (KEMS 2019)
Thermoserv Ltd (KEM 2019)
TWO Services Ltd (KEM 2019)
Clarke Deep Cleaning Solutions Ltd (KEM 2019)
Bidfood (V&V)
Bewley's (V&V)
Brakes Bros Ltd (V&V)
Creed Foodservice (V&V)
Lomond Fine Foods Ltd (V&V)
Vegetarian Express Ltd (V&V)
Harlech Foodservice (M&P)
Biffa Waste Services Ltd



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